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Zombie related movies and PC games are actively created and published these days. It seems like, in a case of Zombie Apocalypse most of the inhabitants will survive, due to the experience they get from TV shows. Every year a popular TV series The Walking Dead releases approximately twenty series and enjoys people. We want to add and contribute more happiness and excitement to the world community and offer you play the finest of Zombie Games. You may already know, that saving the ammunition and food for extreme situations is the number one rule when coping with the dreadful apocalypse. Do not let the zombies come close to you, at least do not let them bite you. The only way killing a zombie is hitting a blunt fragment of metal at their heads or just slicing their brains. The zombies are hungry, if they catch you, those filthy animals will eat every single cell of your body. If you are lucky, the player can be accompanied by the other survivors, remember, it is always easier to find a safe shelter when having loyal partners and friends on your side. Eliminate all of the dead bodies walking in your home streets and revive the mankind on the planet earth.