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Attack or Defend the Towers

Two main category people are there in the world. One of them is attacking type ones. Those who always will to demolish and take down others` positions and fortresses. Their attitude is quite different from the second type people - the defenders! Look at the history of the world. There were empires, who liked to expand, attack and occupy enemy territories. Russian Empire, Roman Empire, Chinese Empire and many other empires where expansion lovers. But there were also countries not so strong like those evil Empires, but decent ones, who did not want to grab the lands from others, instead they defended the ones they had and were concentrated on safely guarding their borders. It is a matter of taste and inner personality of an individual, whether you like playing attacking games or defending ones. Here in a flash game industry, the developers offer both of them. As a matter of fact, like 80% of the whole stuff are attacking ones and the leftover consists of very famous genre games called - Tower Defense Games. Sometimes you will meet this title presented like Defence Games, but in fact they are identical, the only difference between them is just language disparity between American English and UK English.

What are the Tower Defense Games?

Imagine, you have a palace, a fortress or a border, that must always be protected by the homeland security at all costs. What is your role in this? Usually, tower defense games request, that you take the responsibility by yourself, to guard the places in a solo mode. What does it mean? It means, that no other person will help you to accomplish your truly hard mission. But sometimes, you will meet the games, where Artificial Intelligence of the game will help you and fight along with you, on your side. But keep in mind, that its helping hand will not be decisive, what I want to say is, that do not rely on it. This genre of flash games has some very popular and brilliant representatives. Just like in other categories, you may meet some boring games too, but if you choose our website to have fun while playing tower defense games, we assure you, that only the handpicked, outstanding apps are uploaded and brought to you. Never ever you will see so called black sheep of the family games here. Mostly, the map is given in specific games. The route, where the enemies are moving. This is the exact direction they will try to attack your tower and demolish it. Your mission is to place some defensive buildings, to immediately stop their movement speed. Those barriers are distinctive for different games, they depend on the game play style of the specific apps. But in fact, the main idea still remains the same. They are called barriers, because their mission is to inhibit the opposition. Brace yourselves our dear players, the conquerors are coming. Defensive towers have some different functions. Some of them spread the cold, so they freeze the enemies to death. Some of them inflict fire blazers and blow up the attackers, while the others fire the hundreds of arrows to destroy cavalry and heavy units of the conquerors. The types of the enemies is another topic to talk about. This is another element, why do the tower defence games differ from each other and make the environment more diverse in overall. You may have seen the flash apps, where the humans are attacking you. This is a usual, standard situation, copied from the world history, when one part of humans are willing to bereave and take away lands historic buildings from the second side. But, you will play stuff, where the developers` imaginations have gone too far and humans are defending their homeland from the aliens, who landed on earth and started occupying our home step by step. Modern defensive games are extremely popular, but at some points, the players were fed up with this brand-new and futuristic world problems, so in order, not to lose the big slice of online users, the creators came up with an idea to build their games on the pre-historic processes. Be careful, dinosaurs and Raptors are running toward your little fortress to destroy it and have a feast on the human bodies. You may ask: how those ancient humans could defend their land, when their only weapons were the rocks and sharp sticks? Exactly! The purpose in this plot having games is guessing the correct tactics - how to balance the rock and stick force, where to position the towers smartly to deal the maximum damage to the predators. The very first levels in the tower defense games are quite easy. They give the online players opportunity to buy new or upgrade current towers and weapons. The money system is integrated in every single game of this category. With those gold or silver points you can enhance defensive walls, buy magic skills or increase the total health of the main palace. There are many different variations, how to progress the game plot. Everything is up to you, but try to make the best decisions in every situation. The very specific action may help you in the first rounds, but in the higher stages it may not work and you will fall down to the conquerors and all left to you is restarting the game, that is quite disturbing and unpleasant.

Online Multiplayer Mode In Tower Defence Games

The most prominent style in these games is offline mode, where your opponent is a smart computer, that has some tricky ways to take you and your empire down. But will not you accept the proposal if you had a chance to play against other online players like you? You will say - why not? Many gamers have said, that playing versus a human has extremely different taste and charm. So, in order to make our players and visitors happy, you will be able to challenge with online gamers from all over the world in the tower defense games. It is quite easy - choose the side you want. Attack or defense!