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SpongeBob animation series used to entertain the children. If you are not fulfilled with the series and want to increase SpongeBob`s joy dose in your life, play brilliant SpongeBob Games and spend time wonderfully. Here you are playing as a SpongeBob in the deep ocean. Life under the sea is quite difficult, because the water is full of predators and bloody killers and SpongeBob is very weak physically and cannot resist the stronger opponents. To begin with, the above mentioned genre is divided into several amusing parts. SpongeBob may take a role of the cook at the restaurant, whereas in another flash game he must defeat the sharks, octopuses and other predators. Do not forget, that in these games you are never alone. A devoted friend and partner Patrick will always be with you whenever you call for help. It must be underlined, that Patrick will provide physical skills, because his IQ is greatly below the average. In brief, he will be the muscles to the brain. SpongeBob Games contain many educational materials too. You can explore the oceanic world and its unique elements as well. Keep in mind, that Squidward does not like you, so be very careful when dealing with him.