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The art of shooting has always been respected in our world. The great shooters were honored by the society, because they could eliminate anyone in a single shot. Have you heard of a popular phrase "one hit kill"? This reflects the real world model, the greatest shooters of all time could kill anyone they wanted with a help of a single bullet. The old western times greatly appreciated the existence of precious shooters, The Sheriffs were always looking for the most accurate snipers, as you know the ammo was not so widely spread in the world. Let us dive into the deep past. The archers tended to be the most deadliest weapons in the hands of governors and emperors. An archer with modest skills could fire a lethal shot from the hundreds of meters far. Do you want to test and see what kind of shooter you are? Would you take a spot in the list of the greatest of all time archers or snipers in the world? Enjoy playing shooting games, where the patience and persistence will play the key roles. Shoot from a gun, bow, tank, artillery weapon, spaceship and many other military tools. Destroy the opponent in the least shots and claim your rewards.