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Shark Games Online

Sharks are one of the biggest predators in the ocean. They control the situation, they are a big force in the water. But even they feel unsafe while swimming in the seas. Do you know why? Because the jungle law exists everywhere, even in the deep down oceans, where the light never goes down. Who are the main enemies of the sharks? Octopus and whales of course! A whale can eat the shark in a matter of seconds, while the Octopus can poison our beloved predator and eat it part by part. Shark Games reflect the real world example, eat the weak and get out of the sight of the stronger ones. Your mission as a shark will be eating as many fish as you can, destroy the building of the humans, sink down the boats, yachts and ships and get additional bonuses. The shark is a natural creature, so it has life points. Be careful when the bar of your health is lowered, recover the stamina by eating the special products and materials. The ocean plants will help you to regenerate the health points, while eating the humans will fully restore all of your attributes. Swim quickly, smartly and aggressively to claim a spot in the high scores.