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The gamers who love being frightened and amused this way, we offer you the very best of extremely shocking Scary Games. Even if you are a courageous Braveheart, you will still be scared to death while playing our flash games. The applications are configured very specifically, in the first moments, you wait for no threat, because the environment seems to be quite peaceful, colorful and charmy, but do not forget, that this is the intended purpose of the creators of these games, to slacken your attention and hit you hard then as brutally as possible. You can play prank to your friends. Let them start playing this stuff and you start recording the video, the result will be amazing, a dreadfully scared player bursting into tears. If you are not sure, that you can handle the pressure and evilness of these Scary Games, then we advise you not to dare launching any of them. To be honest, the games are so hard, that almost nobody is able to complete all of the missions and finish it. Do you know what the well known Scary Maze Games are? Imagine yourself in a dangerous labyrinth with dark colors. The mission is to find a way out, but if you collide with the walls, then nothing good will happen. In brief, it is worth of trying out every single of them, to satisfy your curiosity.