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Nowadays, more and more Running Games are being published. It must be underlined, that most of them are created in a 3D model. These games are mostly developed for the Android or iOS platforms, but what about the PC users? For them, we have a great news. Flash based running games will fulfill your desires, make you feel the sweat running out of your body, test your patience, stamina and durability. Are you ready to cover the Marathon distance in a matter of hours? Will your body maintain a balance and tonus? Even the experienced runners have problems while covering long distances. You have to calculate the strength, distribute in evenly on the whole road, otherwise you may be the first and leader in the beginning of the race, but in the end you may end up being the last sportsman. Do not drink water frequently, breath with your nose, not with your mouth. These and many more tricks of running will be taught to you while playing our unique running games. The player will become more persistent, a better fighter, you will not give up while facing new challenges, the user will learn how to cope with the obstacles and difficulties.