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All of be best flash games, that contain elements of competition, speed, anxiousness and joy, are considered to be united under the Racing Games category. This kind of games are extremely popular in a car lovers community, but do not think, that you are requested to make challenges with the sports cars only. To begin with, in almost every game the user can choose the desirable vehicle he or she wants to compete in the tournament. If you think, that racing with the tractor would be easier for you, then just go for it, nobody prevents the players from doing what they want. It is a true fact, that sometimes a tank can cover a long distance quicker, than the quickest car of Mercedes-Benz or BMW, because you will face the rounds, when the landscape is quite rocky and not flat. Have you ever imagined two helicopters racing each other? It seems quite weird, but we have the games, where you will have to show off your swiftness and driving talents not on the ground, but in the air. Do not forget, that a boat racing is also available. Start from a cheap boat and advance to the expensive and luxurious yacht.