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Two types of people exist in the world, those who are law abiding citizens and the others who enjoy breaking the widely admired and respected rules. Which of them you are? It is very important when choosing a flash game from Police Games. To begin with, the above mentioned genre and category is divided into two parts. In the first one, you are requested to policeman, who will take care of the given street or region. Your missions are quite the same, busting the criminals, Mafia members, Russian killers, pick pocketing masters, shoplifters, hijackers and other type of disturbers of the society. The first levels are hosted by the European countries like: Germany, Sweden, France, where the level of criminals is not high enough for you to face some serious problems, but after arresting the easy criminals, you will be sent to more difficult countries, where the criminals and Mafia members reign in the streets and cities. Your job is to catch them all and send them to the court. If you do not like being a policeman and want to be chased by law defenders, then play another type of Police Games, where you are a villain, the player has committed a crime and you are wanted across the continent.