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Most of the original Papas Games are about cooking, baking and making a food in the restaurant. But we want you to know, that this genre of flash games has expanded its boundaries and now you can play amazing shooting, adventure and even running games under the Papas Games category. Let us firstly review the importance of this stuff. Have you ever wondered how hard is it to work in the kitchen of the restaurant? Everyone has seen in the movies, that being a chief of the kitchen is the easiest job to do, you have no work, besides telling the others what to do, you are more like a commander, but are these all true or just a big lie to meet the movie plot? If you play a single of our Papas Games you will see, feel and experience yourself how impossibly difficult it is to control and manage the work in the kitchen. You are the master of everything there, you are responsible for everything that goes wrong in the restaurant. The player will lose points, if he is not able to properly run the organization. Execute the incoming order correctly, use a decent amount of salt, sugar and other products to make the finest of the meals.