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It would be a big mistake if nobody created a flash game about Naruto, a brilliant super hero in a popular Japanese animation TV series, that has no end and infinitely continues publishing and running. Is there a child who has seen Naruto series and has not fallen love with it? Absolutely no! This anime has fans all over the world, that is why we decided, that the anime deserves to have an equivalent flash game, that would make happy millions of children. Tired of waiting another series of anime of Naruto? Then simply visit our website, find Naruto Games and have an amusing time. All of the original Naruto skills are unchanged here, even the opponents and enemies are the same. Sasuke is still your rival, defeating him would be as hard as you can imagine. Use Naruto`s chakra modes to become even more powerful, strong, mighty and swift. Naruto`s sudden attacks and summoning skills will help you cope with the several enemies at once. Summon a huge frog, that can wipe out the armies of the enemy. Do not forget to control the level of Mana, if it is low, you will not be able to use most of your skills, so pick up the Mana potions if you have a chance.