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My Little Pony Games

My Little Pony Games are usually loved by young girls and boys, but nobody prevents any of our users from playing and enjoying these wonderful games. The very first thing we want to point out is the graphics and diversity of the game`s colors. Very bright and impressive colors will make you love these applications. To begin with, My Little Pony Games are extremely addictive. The structure of the levels and the scenario is perfectly built and decided. Some of the games can even be played be the two players. Another great feature is, that these flash games relax the players and make them delight with the atmosphere and precious background music theme. Let us discuss our topic in details. This category very much looks like the very popular horse games, but one fundamental difference is the following: here you have a baby pony. Take care of it, give it a name, feed it, raise it and make its life happier. As soon as your pony is adult enough, you can take it to the model fashion shows, or test it in the horse races. In brief, there are many different ways how to entertain yourself and the pony too. Ride your pony with pride and everyone will love your duo.