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Despicable Me animation movie fans will simply love our brand-new Minion Games. Did you know, that the minions can do everything the humans do? Starting from playing football, soccer, basketball and even rugby too. Do not be seduced by their small bodies. Most of them are very talented. To tell the truth, they are divided into groups, or factions to be more accurate. Part of them are smart minds, while others are the job doers, very strong ones, who can easily execute the hard work orders. Do not forget the existence of silly ones. These kind minions are always happy and always cause trouble for the others. The minions have their unique speaking language. They love banana very much, they can forget the mission and run after the banana if it is possible. Minion Games give you the opportunity to play as a single minion or have a large army of the warrior minions. If you control them properly, you can defeat and beat the powerful empires of our modern world. The key point while playing these flash games is analyzing the situation and making a proper decision. The minions are very courageous and can fight till the last drop of the blood.