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Converting your exciting thoughts, beliefs and sophisticated ideas into a material, real world structures and buildings has never been so easy. If you have not heard of Minecraft Games, then you have lost too much, but do not worry, it is better late than never. Have you always wanted to create an Eiffel Tower on your own? Or design a better version of Pizza Tower? Building the pyramids can be done in simple steps, in a matter of minutes, without sacrificing lots of slaves and innocent lives. Keep in mind, that even the world of Minecraft Games is not safe. Some monsters are living there like viruses and are eating the building of yours. What can do is, to grab a pixel made gun or some kind of different weapon, it can be a crossbow, sword or a rifle, and take down all of the beast, that try to demolish your Megapolis. Some projects need special materials, that can be obtained in dark forests. Another way to collect crystals and building items is mining the huge mountains. Tower defense games are also integrated in the above mentioned games. Build the defensive towers, teach them how to fight and strike back the coming intruders and monsters.