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Who is the best math talent in the world? International Mathematic Olympiad regularly hosts the tournament of beautiful minds. Young people all over the world challenge each other to prove their supremacy and dominance in the world of mathematicians. To begin with, our math games serve exactly the same mission and goal, to educate the younger generations and test their math skills. Do you want to expand your logical abilities? Do you want to be smarter and have a sharp mind? Our flash games will help you to enrich your puzzle solving experience. Sometimes it happens, that the player is not able to calculate the result correctly, for this kind of situations we offer you a system of hinting. In the game you have limited points. You can use them to purchase the hints and many other essential items to make the solving easier. Puzzle games are also a great deal. Do not underestimate them, the user may need to watch walkthroughs to understand the way out of the specific difficult stage or round. The levels are becoming harder and harder, so you will need more and more time to qualify for the next challenges. Use a pen and paper to draw the algorithms, that will greatly help you to win the games.