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Are there any horse lovers? We are looking for them to make the players get additional fun and satisfaction from virtual horse games. I bet most of you have a favorite color, some of the visitors have a favorite horse too. Almost in every flash game of the above mentioned category, the user has to build a dream horse of him or her. You can increase the attributes of your horse like speed, stamina, durability, jumping ability and others. The horses have the energy bar to control their condition levels. Just like in other games, you are able to purchase improvements for your pet, in order to become a speedster and as fast a popular fictional character of DC comics Flash. Try to increase the balance points, otherwise controlling of your horse will be almost impossible. Evading the other riders is also an art of race. Compete in the different tournaments to raise your popularity and grab the attention of the investors. If they lie you, the player will be financed by rich people, so you will now easily buy new, stronger and swifter horses. It means, that winning championships and titles will become much easier for you. Run player run!