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These impressive and fascinating girl games are for everyone. It does not matter who you are, a boy or girl, teen or adult, the sex and age is not important in our girl games. Play these apps and discover unique Barbie items, unique dresses, beautiful jewelry and many other materials, that make the girls even more prettier. What does the title of this category mean? We underline, that "Girl Games" is just a label, meaning that the games unified under this name are about treating and taking care of cute girls. Dance with a beautiful lady and get points for that, spend an amazing evening with a dream girl of your, make her happy and grab some fat bonus points too. Dressing the girl up is also a big part of a scenario. Choose a proper dress for her and let the girl shine on the stage for a fashion week. Make her a popular model and be proud of your work. Even more, the user is able to save and download the photo of the girl you have designed and created online. Take care of her shoes, hair and face. Be sure, that she is one hundred percent ready for the showcase and worldwide recognition.