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Whack Your Computer

Whack Your Computer unites the pc lovers, who are anxious about playing cards and gambling. Are you one of the biggest fans of computer? Can you show off your outstanding carding skill in the Whack Your Computer flash game? If yes, then be ready to dive into the old west, region of Texas, where every single town’s income depends on the computer gamblers greatly. Unfortunately, when the new governor was appointed in your town, new chief said, that he is going to ban pc forever. Of course you are against this unfair law, but how will you prove the governor, that he is wrong for sure? The player has to travel to the cities, where playing pc is not prohibited, instead, the hosts encourage you to compete in the local tournaments, spend money and stand a chance of winning the jackpots. Your main mission is to win every single tournament in the Texas, collect sufficient money, go back to your home town and prove the new chief, that Whack Your Computer is not all about cards, Poker is something more, Poker is a life and you and thousands of the citizens cannot live without it. Use bluff, tricks and many other techniques to win the game, but do not ever cheat or you will get yourself busted.