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Ultimate Douchebag Workout

Are you tired of being rejected by ladies and women? Do the stronger boys bull and insult you? Then we all know, that it is time to change your body and personality. Ultimate Douchebag Workout game will teach you how to live correctly. First of all, your body needs to be athletic, otherwise you will be considered as a low level fighter and everyone will always try to prove, that they are superior then you. In brief, you will be seen as a loser. The girls like boys who win, who are powerful, strong and fast, and in opposite, they hate losers very much. Well, there are the girls, who generate sympathy for those poor ones, but believe me, those kind of ladies are really rare, in other words, the chance of meeting with that kind of woman is equal to the chance of getting hit by a meteor. So, I believe, that you decided, that the workout is the number one priority in your life. Well, when you start playing it, many different exercises are shown on the screen. Every single of the workouts have their specific usage. For example, if you try to strengthen your ABS, then hitting the spacebar in a matter of seconds will be required and etc. After finishing a single workout process, your stamina also known energy in this game will be reduced. As soon as your energy will become zero, you have to take care of refreshing your stamina. Keep in mind, do not harm your health, otherwise the game will be over.