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Trick Hoops Challenge

Trick Hoops Challenge in a fantasy world we have created for you to set you free from all the negative emotions and feelings. Design your own world with appropriate details, led by your imagination and thoughts. Torture a given doll with thousands of items, that are granted in the very beginning of the game. No high scores, no online challenges. You are playing with a tricksĀ on one versus one. Nobody is going to disturb any of you, no one will come and prevent you doing your job. Humiliate this tricks, imagine it did a really bad job to you and revenge time has come. It must be underlined, that you will see lots of materials, forms and weapons, that can be spawned and used against the doll. Let us check, how far your mind will go? What methods will you come up with to dreadfully torture this innocent pixel made tricks, that will fly high in the sky or will be fallen to the ground like a snow. Did you know, that the player is able to take the doll in a space and make it suffer there? Well, it is reality now. You can have fun with it even in ocean, desert, big city and many other places. This flash game is really thrilling and give the players tons of pleasure and fun. Use your mouse to properly make a fallout happen. If you are not aware of what is going on in this game, then we highly advise you to complete the tutorial section first.