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The Final Stand

Being a cop mean having a huge responsibility in The Final Stand flash game. Racing, busting and chasing the criminals are mixed in The Final Stand game. You are playing as a policeman who is driving a very fast Nissan car, specially made for the policemen who are hunting down the criminals, who are over speeding the maximum limit of the velocity. In every single level the users are given three minutes to chase down and bust the speedster or blow them up if they do not wish to surrender to the police. You can steer the wheel by arrow keys. Pick up turbo arrows, that appear on the track suddenly and randomly. The players will have to grab the protective shields and barriers from the roads to guard the car from harm. The harm comes from the criminals, who are driving their ultimate vehicles and are shooting from the inside. On the below bar of the screen the users can see current health points of the police car. Try to restore your health by picking up the heart like icons, that appear on your way ahead. Avoid crashing with the law abiding drivers and concentrate on destroying the cars of the criminals, who reign over the game of The Final Stand.