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Tank Trouble 2

Tanks, tanks everywhere! No more computer bots and unskilled handless players, just you and your company. A fight between the friend, fight from a single computer. 2 player games are quite nice to play, but will you refuse if we say, that Tank Trouble 2 flash game can be easily played between the three different players? It seems unbelievable, but it is a true fact. Call your mates, sit in your own tanks and enjoy blowing up each other with the bullets and missiles fired from green, black, and red colored tanks. As a rule, every tank game requires swiftness, fast decision making abilities, patience and sharp mind of the players. Do not waste the bullets, because only five of them can be fired in a row. You will have to wait for even a single of them to disappear to make it possible for you to shoot another missile at your enemies and opponents. Be very quick to pick up the power-ups and other types of improvements. The laser target, double bullets and many more extra upgrades will help you to easily take down all of your opponents, Watch out for the friendly fire, your own bullet may kill your tank.