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Tank-Tank Challenge

A battlefield of the titans is presented to you in this game called Tank-Tank Challenge. As it seems from the title, two or multiple players can fight against each other. The tanks in a real life are uniting a big military force, that can be efficiently used and greatly damage an any enemy if the army has a smart and experienced leader. Why experienced? Because it does not matter how much knowledge you have on any subject, or how sharp your brain is, especially in war, it is acknowledged fact that the experience is the most decisive aspect and part. Just like in this flash tank game, at the beginning you are inexperienced, that is why the computer or artificial intelligence may easily defeat you, but as soon as you have sufficient skill points and plus your intelligent mind, you will be able to win over even hard enemies and armies. The details of the game and the plot greatly differs from other tank games. Firstly, Tank-Tank Challenge is a static mode game. It means the following: you and your opponents cannot move and change the position of the tanks in the map. All you – the players can do is to aim the pipe of the tank vertically, calculate an approximate distance and the power of the missile. All the playing tanks have the same amount health of 100 points. If you manage to hit the shell exactly at the enemy tank, then the target will lose half of its maximum points.