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Sushi Cat 2

Animal planet in Tokyo is presented to you. Tokyo mall is a place where every kind of animals can go for shopping. Hungry dog has eaten all of the bacons, but it is not satisfied yet. Unfortunately, it ate a cake of Sushi Cat and ran away. Your job is to chase it and punish the dog appropriately. It seems you are not tall enough to summon the lift. The game is about making the Sushi Cat 2 to put on weight. A grid of items is visible on the flash game’s screen. Eat as much cake and sushi as you can to hunt down the running dog.¬†On the southern bar of the screen several buckets are visible. If you give a second look at them, you will easily notice, that some numbers are written on them. The figures mean the following: if you manage to drop the sushi cat in any of those buckets, you will get additional bonus for ending up in that very particular box. Bonus points vary from 25 to 200 dollars. To take everything into account, your job here is to become bigger in overall. Collecting money will give you extra options to accomplish your mission and finally catch and take down your enemy.