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Super Bike Racer

Super Bike Racer is a wonderful racing game full of excitement, amazing emotions and fantastic doze of adrenaline. In the Super Bike Racer flash game the users will have to drive their motorcycles and take the first spots in the final rankings. This game is one from the many racing games and is very similar to the Motocross Challenge game with its gameplay and overall graphics. Buy a brand new moto and spend hours developing it. Increase its maximum speed, acceleration and dragging ability to become a way more competitive racer among the best motorcycle riders in the world. Do not underestimate the power of the lean speed attribute. Buy better tires and grips as well as turbo and Nitro boosts to fight for the first place in every race. If you do not like the sound of your motorcycle, do not hesitate to sell the current one’s engine and buy a new one, that will handle the heaviest pressure. The color of your moto can be changed after every race. Compete in every single tournament to win the titles and accumulate enough money to speed up the upgrading and developing process of your vehicle in the Super Bike Racer game.