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Stunt Master

Stunt Master is about to teach you the art of the show. Different types of vehicles will be used by the player to be applauded by the crowd and fans, who have gathered in the stadium to enjoy the fantastic show you are going to host. Stunt Master gives you a choice to pick up the favorite vehicle to execute your stunts. Running man is the obligatory for every player, because in the beginning of the game the user has no money nor the option. The running man runs and jumps, gets from point A to the B destination. Bike Bandit is very fast, but fragile. Use Spacebar to wheelie and control the bike in the air and when landing. On the other hand, the Mustang mayhem is slower than a bike but really tough. Use Spacebar to use Nitro and get extra distance on jumps. To complete a stunt you need to make it past the final camera crew to make sure you hit your final mark! In order to get the additional points, break stuff, break bones, hit the targets and go airborne. Twenty different levels are awaiting for the opponents to try out their skills and see what they are capable of.