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Sim Taxi

The Sim Taxi flash game will help the players to spend time happily. Entertain yourself by¬† playing as a real life taxi driver in this taxi simulation game. Sim Taxi is about picking up passengers and dropping them off to earn cash, that will be necessary to upgrade your vehicle. Three different game modes are available to play. New Game is just a campaign without having end. This fantastic infinite gaming is for those, who have time to spend. Here you can even save and load gaming progress. If you are new to this Sim Taxi game, then do not hesitate to look through the basics and learn the essential controls and aspects of this flash game in the tutorial mode. Become a master of making money and also having maximum of fun. The time attack mode is an outstanding feature of the game, because you have to complete the given missions within the fixed time to get qualified. Use arrow keys to accelerate your taxi vehicle, brake or even reverse also change the direction of the moving vector. If you do not like the background music, just mute the game by pressing the “M” key. When the users request for a specific radio channel, do not get confused, press the “R” button and satisfy your customers.