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Run 3

Running in a deep space is quite difficult to manage. Cylinder like road is ahead you. The path is extremely dangerous, especially for such a cute and innocent creature like you. Some of the visitors may panic when they face an enormous, infinite space. ¬†Firstly, there is no end to the game, because the run is permanent. But there you will meet levels and stages. After finishing any of the levels, you get a fixed amount of points. When your personage dies in this flash game, in the middle of the screen total points will appear. As much score you have, as higher you will be placed in a worldwide rank. It must be underlined, that the system is global, it means, that the developers do not care whether you are playing from the United States, France, Germany or Egypt, all of the players’ rankings and stats will be accepted and inserted into the common table. The idea of playing this game is not only making a reputation for yourself, but trying to make your character look more beautiful and classy. Roller skates, hats, skirts and many other attributes can be purchased through the special merchant of the flash game. The developers tried their best to create an environment as friendly as it could be possible, so the critics of the games admit, that Run 3’s one of the biggest achievement is the theme song, that continues playing in the background. Your arrow keys are the best options for maneuvering in a deep and undiscovered space.