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Rebound 3

S.W.A.T team and every modern military units are using fake targets nowadays for training their soldiers and officers. Do not be an exception, try out the latest methods of how to become a perfect warrior and precise shooter from many kinds of weapons. As a rule, it takes months and sometimes years for usual agents to improve their level of firing from the different guns. One of the many reasons for such a long time is, that the ammunition is always limited. They are given several hours of training and a limited number of bullets to use. Whenever they get lack of any of ┬áthe above mentioned, their exercise will be finished and delayed until the very next training day. Unlike the real Special Forces team members, you are given a full spectrum of opportunities, in order to chasten your shooting style and improve all your fighting abilities. The Rebound game offers you a sequel of versions, but to say the truth, the last one – 3rd version is much better than the previous ones. Rebound 3 game itself has nothing to do with the title. The game is created for the children and adults to exercise in shooting from guns, reload them and quickly change targets. All of the players will have to show off rapidity, speed and a good sense of aiming. You will have to guess where will the target will be positioned on the screen after a second maybe. In every round you have fixed time to accumulate as much points as you can. The mouse is used for moving horizontally and firing.