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Rail Rush


Rail Rush demands from you to start a gold mining campaign. Fortunately, hard workers like you have already explored the expensive metal in the dungeons of the Rail Rush game. All you have to do is to collect the fragments of the gold on your way deep down the dungeon. Railways are not safe! The road may be unfinished so the user must be focused to instantly change the current railway with the left or right one. In order to jump right or left from your current position, press right and left arrow keys relatively. As soon as you see a barrier in front of you, do not hesitate to press the up arrow key and jump over the obstacle. Slide down the high wooden structures by the down arrow key. Use “A” and “D” buttons to lean right or left in order to pick up the gold nuggets, coins and special items, that boost your overall points. The journey will continue infinitely unless you do not make even a single mistake and fall down into the dark abyss of the dreadful dungeon. No revivals or resurrections are allowed in the Rail Rush flash game, rely on your instincts and score as many points as you can in this perfect example of our many exciting running games.