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Play Flappy Bird

Play Flappy Bird flash game is a brand-new and most annoying version of the original Flappy Bird game. Playing this version is extremely hard and nerve cracking. After releasing the very first version of the Flappy Bird, many other developers decided to develop new branches of the features of the game. To be honest, most of those new variations were just copies of the original one, but when you launch Play Flappy Bird game and experience yourself the dynamics of this game and its unique style of deciding the gaming environment and gameplay, you will be 100% sure, that this is a revolutionary product on the web. Do you remember the green pipes and dangerous world of Mario? The same structure is maintained here, but with a fundamental difference added to the overall situation. The most important thing we have to talk about is, that you do not have to fly the bird horizontally, instead, the world is rotating and the users have to render the graphics in their brains as soon as possible, to avoid the collision with the green pipes. Sometimes, the abstract pipes appear, that give no harm to you, but may stun the player and make the bird smash with the green pipes. If you have played the Helicopter Game, then the previous gaming experience will be a big advantage for you.