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Pigbull to the Moon

The bull is an honorable animal, but in the title of our flash game appears a name – Pigbull. This is a creature, that eats lots and has become like a pig. Right now, the former bull has decided, that it cannot live on this planet anymore and wants to start its own exciting adventure. The Pigbull wants to try taking flight to the moon, where it believes, that a peaceful and decent life is reachable. It seems like, its friends are helping to accomplish the mission. Rabbit, pig and cow are the supporters of our former bull and potential moon capturer. The game itself is calculated on several trials of the journey towards the moon. Do not you think, our dear visitor, that you will be able to land on the moon by a single try! Even the NASA professors and pilots needed several tries, that cost billions of dollars, to appear near the moon, not saying anything about landing on it and launch scientific research there. On the left bar of the screen the whole distance from the Earth to the moon is visible. Some guys may even lose the motivation to finish the started job when falling down after not passing even the twenty percent of the distance. Collect gold coins and money while you are flying, in order to enhance and upgrade your Pigbull’s equipment and capabilities to make it to the moon. Whenever you fall down, you can get into a shop mode and add some crucial features to your skills and abilities.