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Papa’s Taco Mia

Papa’s Taco Mia is a wonderful game, one from many Papa’s Games, where the users have to play as the sellers of the small but luxurious restaurants. Papa’s Taco Mia restaurant’s owner has introduced a competition to the contesters. The one who will eat the most of Tacos will become a champion. You are a very lucky one, because your character has won the tournament and now the player has become a new owner of the Papa’s Taco Mia restaurant facility. It seems like Papa is retiring and he wanted to give the ownership to the chosen one, a young and motivated man or woman, who is anxious about Tacos and all of its similar products. Do you think, that your managerial skills are high enough to cope with the daily challenges and difficulties – you will face in your own restaurant. Do not forget, that the customer is always right! Do your best to delight the users with your awesome service. Try to decorate the environment to make it more effective, nice and visually impressive to attract even more visitors. Take orders from the customers, process the building of the Taco in the building station and deliver the ready meal to the visitor at the table. If Tacos do not fit your taste, check out Papa’s Pizzeria for serving pizzas, Papa’s Donuteria for creating delicious donuts and Papa’s Burgeria to assemble your own burgers manually.