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Pajama Boy 2

In the Pajama Boy 2 adventure flash game, pajama boy and his friends sat near the campfire and told old scary stories about the dark and extremely dreadful forest! Our hero, Pajama Boy was very scared of this story. Every single member of the brotherhood laughed at him and made the fun of him. But he had arisen and excellent, but at the same time silly idea. Excellent for proving the others, that he is courageous just like them and silly because he risked his life in vain. As you may have already guessed, our Pajama Boy decided to pass through the heart of the Dark Forest and prove the others, that he is not weak, scared and poor one, instead, he is a brave man and can cope with any difficulty ahead of him. He ran very fast through the woods and he disappeared. Suddenly, Pajama boy stumbled and fell down into the bushes, when he landed there was a dark forest around and this was a critical point, where his amazing and scary adventure began. Fortunately, our hero found fireflies, that could help him to find a way out. In every single round, you will have to collect fireflies to find a way out from that specific fragment of the Dark Forest. Will you really find the exit point in the Pajama Boy 2 game?