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A social phenomenon¬† game is now freely available at our website. Japanese made game was simply a revolution in the game industry and started to win the hearts of the gamers and electronics lovers from all over the world. Pacman game was created in 1980 and instantly formed a so called “Pacman Fever” ¬†in the whole world. Why? Because if you looked into the bars and entertaining centers in Japan or the United States, then you would easily notice a very simple but true fact – everyone, starting from the children to the adults was playing very same game – Pacman. If you have not played it, then you have missed the application, that has seen the daylight of two centuries. Let us discuss the Pacman online game in details. Firstly, the original arcade game was created by the Namco company for bar computers, but the game, that we suggest you to play is made under the flash framework. It means, that the browsers are enough to run the game and you do not need those huge robots to launch the application. The game’s plot and idea are quite simple: you are a Pacman, that is hunted by the evil ghosts. Four extremely intelligent NPC ghosts are chasing you. One of them follows you by the vertical points, while the next one chases your horizontal track. If you collide with them – you die and the game is over. In order to become superior of those ghosts, just eat the special point, that makes the ghost vulnerable and gives you demolishing powers. Eat all of the food points on the map to qualify to the next round.