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Offroaders 2

Offroaders 2 is a special racing game, where you will need a smart mind and consistent high speed to become a competitive racer. Offroaders 2 is simply about driving with the offroad vehicles, jumping over the hills and pits too. As a beginner, you have a modest offroad car, that is still capable of driving you first through the finish line. You are competing with more than twenty other racers, who are passionate enough to outran you and finish the race higher in the ranking list. Some of the players prefer to play with more lightweight vehicles like the motorcycle, so if you want to participate in a moto track, then give a try to the overwhelming Super Bike Racer flash game full of super speed motorcycles and cheerful fans, who are motivating the contesters to speed up and win the race. Do not forget, offroad roads are too hard to cover easily and safely, instead when driving your vehicle on the spiky track there is a high risk of losing control and crashing to the barriers and boundaries of the road without having a proper balance. Do your best to destroy all of the racer rivals and claim a championship in the Offroaders 2 game.