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My New Room 3

My New Room 3 is a game for perfectionists, who love decorating heir rooms and houses. My New Room 3 flash game gives players the opportunity to improve their imagination and designing skills. Spawn as many items in the room as you want, in order to make the room prettier and better to live in. When decorating the apartment, do not forget to take your pet into consideration. Keep in mind, your cute animals like cat or dog, need their own bedrooms to stay happy and convenient. The users can control the colors of the room, moreover, you can even adjust the brightness of the specific colors of every single wall in the house. Use your original imagination to create a product of art, that people will love and share to their friends. As soon as you finish designing your house, click on the upload button to let the world know about the existence of your decorated apartment, that will surprise the millions and design agencies might give a call to you. This game is a superb opportunity to enrich your portfolio. It is a good experience to play game like this to let your imagination improve and let the other players know, that you dominate the My New Room 3 game.