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Mario Cat

Everyone knows the original Mario game, but have you ever thought about playing a Mario like game, where surprises are a real deal. Despite being truly irritating and annoying sometimes, Mario Cat is loved by the million fans and games all over the world. The maps are quite similar to the original game, but the monsters and ways to die have drastically changed. You never know if the path ahead of you is a safe road. It may collapse, fall down and take you into the abyss. When the game launches, it says, that you have just three lives to complete the game and find a way out of this brutal world. But in fact, this is a big lie. Even the strongest and smartest player would need weeks and months to finish the game by accomplishing all of the given missions. This is the main reason, why the life counter goes to the minus infinity, it means, that you do not need to think and worry about how many lives you have left in your pocket. Be careful, yellow stars have a random movement and they are as deadly as the other white or green big and round balloons.