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Kitts Kingdom

The kingdom of Felis was once very peaceful and prosperous and all its feline citizens lived happy and harmonious lives. Cat City is brought to you in an amazing flash game of Kitts Kingdom. However, this all changed when the brutes of the canine empire ravaged the lands of Felis, destroying everyone and everything in their path. All hope seemed lost until a lone sergeant in the feline army rose up against the invading dogs, his name was Kitt. This game looks like the emotional and addictive tower defense games with a fundamental difference. In those flash games you have to build protective shields, barriers and towers to prevent the enemies, destroying your home, but in Kitts Kingdom, you are defending a tower from being devastated by the intruders. Believe it or not the enemies are different kind of dogs with different amount of health points. Purchase new and powerful guns and weapons to make your defensive abilities more diverse and stable. Try to avoid being bitten by the dogs. Do your best to kill them one by one, because handling them at once will have devastating results for your tower and all of the cats. Do not hesitate to spend the available bullets.