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Jet Velocity 2

Infinite running is the basic idea of this flash game. Jet Velocity 2 looks like Jet Velocity 2 very much, but avoiding obstacles in this amazing adventure is quite  hard and sometimes almost impossible. One of the most noticeable and fundamental differences is, that our runner has got a gun in his hands. The player can shoot at the barriers, lower their health points and finally destroy them in order to clear out the way for yourself. Keep in mind, that the player cannot slide down the building, the only way to avoid being hit by the structures is to perform double or triple jumps. When the user hits the space button twice or three times, he or she will make an absolutely beautiful acrobatic maneuver, that will help you to overcome difficulties. Do not hesitate to waste all of the available bullets, shoot from your weapon as many times as you want, because the Jet Velocity 2 has infinite ammunition. If you have a chance do not skip the barrier, simply destroy it to get much more bonus points. At some point, you will stop running due to a very fast dynamics of the game, it means, that in the middle of the screen total points will be printed out. If your result is outstanding, submit the score to change the current rankings.