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Home Sheep Home

In the original Home Sheep Home¬†flash game, the user will meet three fantastic sheep Shirley, Shaun and Timmy. In this epic game, your mission is to safely lead all sheep to the exit on the right part of the screen. Click “1”, “2” or “3” to select one from the company. Sheep can use each other to overcome the barriers and find a safe passage to the exit. Shaun has a dexterity in its vein, that is why it can jump highest and run fastest. All sheep can jump over each other. Stack the sheep to get to higher places. Each sheep has its own special ability and spectacular strength, so keep it in your mind to easily solve the puzzle and find a way out momentarily. Timmy, the smallest sheep, can fit through small gaps. In some cases, special buttons need to be held in order to activate corresponding doors and structures. Shirley, the fat sheep is powerful enough to push heavy things. As soon as you complete the training mode, the user will become a sheep controller expert. All of three sheep will now take your orders and thrive in freedom. Do not forget, Home Sheep Home 2 request from you to safely get these cute animals to their homes.