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Helicopter Game

Helicopter Game will test your piloting abilities and skills. The passion of flying is not enough to achieve great things and become successful in the flying industry. Quick decision making and a sharp mind will always play decisive roles in the Helicopter game, where it is extremely easy to die in the five seconds after launching the game. Have you ever played a flappy bird game? If yes, then the original Helicopter Game’s main idea and game plot will be familiar to you, but if the user has not played any of the above mentioned games, let me quickly go through the basic storyline and gameplay. Under no circumstances collide with the yellow barriers and the edges of this virtual world. You are a pilot of an American chopper, that will take up if you click the mouse and go down if you release the button. The air is not a safe place, because the weird structures and buildings are also flying in the sky. Your mission as a captain is to fly as long as you can. Currently covered distance is shown in the lower bar of the screen. Yet best result is also notified to the user. Make a progress in the Helicopter game and become a proud pilot!