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Gun Run

We are looking for people who are better at both running fast and being furious while shooting from their weapon. The Gun Run game is truly addictive, once you complete first several levels, it will be extremely hard to stop playing it. The action takes place in a futuristic world, that has yellow and quite spiky form. The players have to play as a yellow boy. It is quite unusual and weird that your main character does not have a body. The boy has a Sombrero hat and a gun in his hands. A good news is that your ammo is unlimited. It means, that you can shoot as many bullets as you wish to.  By the way, we have not talked about your enemies yet. In fact, they are the most exciting and important part of this game to underline and point out. In the very first levels you will easily take down Crocodile or Alligator like mechanic evil creatures. Their only mission is to lose anything but hunt you down at all costs. You can jump over those easy ones if you want, but I advise you to kill them all. Whenever a mechanical creature dies, it leaves some cash for you. Just pick up all the dollars to increase your overall points. The name of the game sells itself: it is an infinite run, but do not you think that you will run one race for hours or days. After passing the easy levels, flying, jumping and lots of other type robots will rise against you. Do not forget – you have three lives. After losing them all the game is over.