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Get On Top

Wrestling, Judo, Greek-Roman fights are part of the well-known Olympic Games. As you may already know, those games require two wrestlers. They are opponents, thriving for the gold medals. Get On Top fighting flash game offers us a simple interface and gaming environment. Two participants trying to get on top of each other, make the other wrestler hit his had on the floor and win the round. It must be underlined, that the game continues until one of the fighters does not collect eleven points. Almost forgot to point out, that this game is available for playing only if two players are present. No more NPC characters, the real clash of the titans is among the real online players. The first user can press “WASD” keys to move and show the stunts, while the other player can hit the arrow keys to make the opponent struggle and make him fall on the ground. You have to do your best to avoid having your head smashed by the floor. Use some imagination, show us effective skills, surprise the opponent and we guarantee you a decent and dry win against you challenger. Get On Top has a perfect diversity of the colors. You will love this game.