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Are you ready to experience the adrenaline brought by the Freegear flash game? The world is a way bigger than you have ever imagined. Freegear will show the best of the world, the most exciting feelings and emotions you will meet in this ultimate racing game. Wait no mercy from the rivals and opponents. They will blow up as soon as they have a chance of doing it. As a rookie in the world’s largest independent racing tournament, you enter with only a cheap car and lots of ambition. Get a few tips and suggestions in the tutorial mode, to stay competitive and stand a chance against the powerful and extremely fearsome runners, who are experienced enough to stay in front of you forever. The goal of the game is to place at least third in the five tournaments presented. You can only enter a tournament if you qualified in the previous one. You will win money on each race and the players will be able to spend the cash on upgrading your car. Buy and install Nitro and Turbo speed boosting parts on your car, to double or triple your current maximum speed force. Let the world know, who deserves to be the king of the ultimate Freegear racing flash game.