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Football Legends 2016

Football Legends 2016 is a super innovative and spectacular soccer game. Changed gameplay, player stats and renovated stadiums have made the Football Legends 2016 flash game much more interesting and addictive. The main feature of this newly created app is, that all of the users can challenge their mates or rivals in a two player mode. Are you anxious about soccer? Give a try to different kind of amazing soccer games. Playing 1 on 1 soccer will teach you enough to perform well in Football Legends 2016. The squad lists are updated, new players are added to the respective teams. One thing must be underlined, only single players from each team can participate in the tournaments. So, when choosing Barcelona as your primary soccer club, you will have to select a single sportsman from the already chosen team. Messi, Neymar, Suarez…. These are the shiny names, but Football Legends 2016 is well known for its diversity, in-depth database of every single star player. Move the character with the arrow keys, kick the ball with the “X” button and perform a supershot with the help of “Z” key. Supershot is kind of supernatural trick, the player vanishes and appears near the ball – ready to kick the ball and send it into the opponent’s net.