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Feel This Paint

Three different colored monsters are attacking a young lad, who is holding a paintball gun in his hands, is wearing a special ops uniform and has a spaceman’s helmet on his head. Our hero has a very responsible mission in a spectacular representative of paintball games called Feel This Paint.┬áStop the wave of the unspeakable monsters to save your city. Red, yellow and green, these are the important colors to take care of. Remember, it is vitally important to survive, when the red opponents appear, shoot the red plastic balls at them. Do exactly the same when the green and yellow monsters try to take you down from the defensive post. Click 1,2 or 3 number keys to quickly change the color of your bolts. How do you kill so dreadful monsters? The player needs to fill up the enemy with the current color of the invader to crack down the monster and make it disappear. ┬áSave the game history and progress online or on your personal computer. Do you know how can you use the diamonds, that are scavenged from the dead enemies? Whenever the player is in trouble and cannot cope with the blasters and lethal lasers shot from the aliens, press the shield icon to enable a protective barrier, that absorbs all of the incoming damage and makes you invisible for the short period of time.