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Electric Man 2

Someone has to stop the naughty bits and electrons, that live deep in our personal computers and laptops. They happily served us, but nowadays they are breaking bad. Strong and brave stick warrior has dived into the computer’s operating system to take down all the bad bits. At the very beginning, our guy believed, that his opponents would be harmless creatures, but this is the point, where he was mistaken and deceived. The real opponents are skilled fighters, who wear special uniforms and can show off their super abilities. On the other hand, we have our stick warrior, who perfectly knows the elements of kung-fu, martial arts, sea lions’ mortal techniques and other significant fight skill. Most of the moves and maneuvers, as well as hits, are deadly and lethal. It is all up to you to choose whether regular and usual shots or more powerful and devastating special – hidden abilities. You may ask – why would we choose to use normal abilities, when we can easily defeat opponents with hidden skills? The key point here is, that our stickman soldier, as well as those bandit bits, are using electrical energy to move. It means, that if you spend and waste most of your electric energy for performing special abilities, then your regular hits will be extremely low. ¬†When you start the game, app itself requests the name from you. Fill it in and then choose what kind of color your stickman you wish to be. Always keep track of your and the opponents health points.