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Damn Birds 2

The time travelers statue has a very deep story buried in the heart of it. What do the statues of the past, present and future have in common? Winged demons, birds in our case, “pooing” on them viciously. Play as the special statues, that have had enough baring the disastrous conditions and disrespect from the beasts of the nature. Go through the time and get the revenge on these flying bastards using the best weapons possible. Aim your gun with your mouse and click to shoot. If your load ends, you must wait until your gun is reloaded before you can shoot again. The gun will never be reloaded if the user is out of the ammunition. Keys from 1 to 9 change the current weapon. When primary weapon is out of the bullets, then press TAB and you will get the next available secondary weapon, even if it is a usual pistol. R is used for reloading the clip and making it full of bullets. If the player needs to take a break and breathe for a while, the user can easily pause the game as much time as they want by pressing the “P” button. Keep in mind, that before each level you can buy new weapons and armors, increase your defense and regenerate the lowered health points. Those damn birds 2 must die!