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Car Eats Car 2

A magical middle aged town is under attack by the mechanical flying machines, that very much look like the air balloons. Their number first priority mission is to kidnap the princess from your city. On the other hand, the player has to play a role of the guardian of the queen. It must be pointed out, that your Car Eats Car 2 can fly according to your commands. The user has to save the princess, that sometimes falls from the sky. Get to her and let the queen enter your castle to be survived. In the beginning, the Car building has only one defensive artillery weapon, that shoots cannon balls and fires blazing stones. This kind of heavy fire can take down a single enemy plane in several shots. Level up your defensive systems, increase total health points of your castle, build additional defensive towers, add new weapons. Try to quickly eliminate the upcoming enemies, the less time you will spend for completing the level, the more money you will get. Buy powerful barracks to  easily protect yourself and your princess from the intruders and invaders. When the levels become higher, quicker and stronger mechanical flying machines will start to appear. Do your best to save the queen!